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Stumberg Sheep

The Stumberg Sheep is a hybrid species bred from Mouflon ewes and Argali rams created by the late patriarch of the Patio Ranch, Louis Stumberg. This species came into being

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Nubian Ibex

The Nubian Ibex is a species of goat native to northern Africa and the Middle East. Though relatively small in body size, the males have disproportionally long, thick horns that

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European Mouflon

The European Mouflon is the ancestor of most domestic sheep, but this original breed maintains the beauty and wildness sought after by many hunters, even though they are endangered in

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Markhor are prized screw-horned animals that can boast of being the largest goat species in the world. They are the national animal of their native Pakistan, and for good reason,

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Manchurian Sika

The Manchurian Sika, also known as the Dybowski’s Sika Deer, are the largest of the 14 subspecies of sika in both body and horn size. Though likely extinct in their

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The Gemsbok is the largest member of the oryx family, native to southern Africa and displayed on the Namibian coat of arms. This antelope has a tan, almost purplish coat

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Jacob’s Sheep

The Jacob’s Sheep, also known as the Four-Horned Sheep, is a species native to the British Isles which have the distinctive trait of having multiple horns. These sheep are prized

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Fallow are a species of European deer, unique in that their coats come in many different colors. The Patio Ranch herd offers all of the color variations, which include white,

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Blackbuck, native to India, Nepal, and Pakistan, are small bodied, spiral horned antelope with distinct coats that vary due to sex and age. Like the axis deer, blackbuck have adapted

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Barasingha, also known as Swamp deer, are indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and were brought to the Patio in the 1970s in order to increase the numbers of a vulnerable

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Axis Deer

Axis, also known as Chital, are a species of deer known for their beautiful spotted hides and impressive, tall antlers. Originally from the Indian subcontinent, they have made themselves at

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The Addax is a beautiful spiral-horned antelope from North Africa. In the winter, their coats are a dark cream color, which gives way to a strikingly white summer coloration, though

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The Aoudad, also known as the Barbary Sheep, is a reddish caprid with horns that curve backward, outwards, then back inwards, increasing in length and mass as the animal ages.

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Arabian Oryx

The Arabian Oryx is a small-bodied, mostly white antelope with long, straight, symmetrical horns that adorn both males and females. These gorgeous creatures are thought to have inspired the legend

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