Markhor are prized screw-horned animals that can boast of being the largest goat species in the world. They are the national animal of their native Pakistan, and for good reason, as the horns of the males can surpass a length of 4 feet. These caprids have brown coats that grow thick and shaggy as the temperatures drop, with those of the males having distinctive beards and chaps. Though both sexes have horns, the females typically only grow to about 10 inches, making them easily distinguishable from each other. We at the Patio Ranch take great pride in our impeccably bred herd of Markhor.

Markhor Live Sale
Females: $5,500
Males: $5,000 under 12”
$450/inch to nearest 1/8”

Trophy Fee: $450/inch (Priced to nearest 1/8” average of two horns by SCI scoring.)