Frequently asked questions

Will I have cell phone service and WiFi at the ranch?

The cell phone service at the lodges is minimal but gets better driving through the different pastures. There is high-speed WiFi at both the main lodge and the hunter’s cabin, which enables you to keep in touch with people that may need to get ahold of you.

This is a high-fenced ranch, are the hunts “fair chase?”

We at the Patio pride ourselves on hunting ethically and respecting our animals. Most hunts will be spot-and-stalk, which means that we look for the right animal, then get out of the vehicle and hunt on foot. We have a few permanent rifle blinds to sit in and offer portable bow blinds for archery enthusiasts. All of our huntable animals roam freely within their spacious pastures and have plenty of foliage to hide and bed down in.

Would my non-hunting friends and family members be able to enjoy the ranch while I hunt?

Absolutely! The location of the ranch provides gorgeous scenery and a peaceful environment. They can drive around or hike to see and photograph animals, and the main lodge has plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy. We offer a 1,00 yard rifle range, an archery course, and fishing opportunities. Many people have enjoyed the ranch simply as a quiet retreat. Our chef ensures everyone will be well-fed and happy. There’s something for everyone at the Patio.

I’m interested in hunting but have never had the opportunity. Is the Patio suitable for first-time hunters?

We welcome all levels of hunters! We have a shooting range where we will make sure you are comfortable with the gun you are planning to shoot. Once you feel confident, our expert guides will be there every step of the way to aid you and provide a shot that creates your greatest chance of success for a harvest.

I booked a hunt for one species. If I decide while I’m there that I’d like to hunt other animals as well, can I upgrade?

Yes, you will be able to add additional animals. Our foreman and guides would be happy to assist you in doing so. They will go over trophy fees and available animals with you and make a plan to accommodate your requests.

How will I know which species are available to hunt?

We try to update our website so that it is clear what is currently available, as well as current trophy fees. If there is a species that is booked for the season, please reach out to us so we can get you on a waiting list or book a hunt in the future. You can follow us on Facebook at “The Patio Ranch” or our Instagram @thepatioranch, where we post some specials and update availability. The accounts are managed by a ranch employee who is “boots on the ground” and happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is there a place to sight in my rifle on the ranch?

We have a brand new 1,000-yard rifle range available to our clients. We encourage you to shoot your rifle when you arrive so you can be comfortable when there is an animal in front of you. It is also a fun place to have a shooting competition with friends and test your marksmanship!

What happens if an animal runs off after being hit or is wounded?

In the case that this happens, we use all available resources to recover wounded game. Your guides will look for blood trails and we have tracking dogs available for that purpose. If we find the animal is still alive but hurt, we will track it until we have a chance to make another shot. If an animal is wounded that we cannot recover during your hunt, it is considered a dead animal. If there is blood found or our guides determine that the animal was definitely hit, you will be responsible for the agreed-upon trophy fee. Rest assured, we will make every effort to find the animal, even after you leave.

Where can I take my animal to be processed and mounted?

If you don’t have a processor that you prefer, we recommend Bernhard’s Meat Processing located in Ingram, close to the ranch. Woodbury Taxidermy is located next to Bernhard’s and they do an excellent job displaying your trophy. Both Bernhard’s and Woodbury offer shipping, so it’s not a problem if you live far away.