world-class fair chase hunting

The Patio Ranch offers the unique opportunity to “tell a different hunting story!” With our world class, fair chase, ethical hunting experiences set on over 1,800 acres of pristine, Texas Hill Country land that is full of rich history and unparalleled exotic animals, we promise you won’t leave disappointed. We specialize in family friendly hunts for all levels of hunters. With the scenery, hospitality, and culinary creations, hunters and non-hunters alike can enjoy themselves at this unique ranch in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

Patio Ranch Trophies

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Live Sale and Trophy Fees

Stumberg Sheep

The Stumberg Sheep is a hybrid species bred from Mouflon ewes and Argali rams created by the late patriarch of the Patio Ranch, Louis Stumberg. This species came

Trophy Fee: $5,000 View
Nubian Ibex

The Nubian Ibex is a species of goat native to northern Africa and the Middle East. Though relatively small in body size, the males have disproportionally long, thick

Trophy Fee: $550.00/inch View
European Mouflon

The European Mouflon is the ancestor of most domestic sheep, but this original breed maintains the beauty and wildness sought after by many hunters, even though they are

Trophy Fee: $4,000 View