Three Great Days of Fellowship and Sharing of a Hunting Heritage!

The Safari Club has a great record of introducing youth to hunting by providing opportunities for the hunts. The Patio Ranch has been gifted to partner with the Houston Safari Club in sharing this venture for many years. Last December, four young women with a desire to learn more about their hunting heritage visited the Patio Ranch. Their enthusiasm for the hunt and a will to add to their knowledge of hunting presented a great opportunity for the ranch staff…to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Louis Stumberg and his passion to share the wonderful hunting way of life. Ray, Michael, Daniel, Gene, Barbara, David, Susan and myself hosted this fun group for the Stumberg family and reaped the benefits of these wonderful young ladies that represent the future of the hunting way of life. The three days of fellowship with Aubrey, Chelsie, Morgan and Jacee will hopefully encourage four new ambassadors to champion Mr. Stumberg’s passion and to also make it their own.
We ask all of the great people that read about the Patio Ranch and these great young hunters to make a concerted effort to bring one new person into the hunting community in this year of 2016. No matter the opportunity, any time spent by a new hunter in the great outdoors will motivate another individual to “…tell a different hunting story!!”
We would be honored to hear from anyone that would like to share their story about another new hunter…young or old!!

Good hunting!