Stumberg Sheep Trophy…Hunting to Support Cancer Research!

Every year, the Cattle Baron’s Ball is held in the Dallas area to raise funds for cancer research; and every year for the past seven years, The Stumberg Patio Ranch has been offered the opportunity to be partnered with the Cattle Baron’s Ball as a donor to the auction program. With over $65 million raised in the 40 year history, the benefit to cancer research is staggering. This year, Bryan and Jennifer were the successful bidders on the donated hunt featuring a Stumberg Sheep hunt for a breed that was developed on the Patio Ranch and is not available anywhere other than the Patio Ranch.
Bryan and Jennifer arrived to a cool winter day at the ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Checking the rifles at the range prior to starting the hunt was a great experience as the ranch staff was treated to a great marksmanship display. Jennifer would be hunting and the probability of success was greatly increased due to her display of a steady hand and confidence in her rifle and shooting ability. Often, these sheep are well beyond the 150 yard range and a steady, accurate shooter produces a better chance of success.
The first day did not even present an opportunity for a shot. The strong, blustery wind from the northwest kept the sheep in the brush or bedded down to wait out the storm. The strong winds that cause the tree limbs to creak, leaves to constantly move and scents to swirl compromises the sheep’s senses of sight, sound and smell to a great extent encouraging them not to move about the pastures. Not one of the twenty-three rams in the 350 acre pasture was spotted this day. But, the warm fire in the large fireplace of the historic main lodge was a great comfort and produced a tranquilizing effect on those enjoying the crackle and dance of the flames that evening. A great meal home-cooked by Bettina put a great topper on a wonderful day.
The next morning, Jennifer, Bryan and Daniel decided to move around the pasture to take advantage of the slightly warmer day that would cause the sheep to bed and lounge in the open spaces filled with warm sunshine. As the hunting party approached a ridge to look down in the wide bowl filled with sunshine, they were greeted with the sight of a group of six rams grazing and lounging. Upon evaluation of the rams, two were determined to be large trophies. They were spread out over the area that would have made for an easy shot if the distance had not been over 200 yards. And then, to add a greater degree of difficulty to the shot other than long range, the rams started to mill and mix as they fed. The best ram was identified and tracked. The ram was moving randomly as he grazed on the fresh forbs growing due to the great winter rains. From left to right to in-between, the selected ram was followed in Jennifer’s scope waiting for a good shot that was clear of the other rams. After what seemed like an eternity (although only a few minutes), Jennifer had a small window of clearing around the sheep and she fired; the ram dropped where it had stood a moment earlier.
Please join us in congratulating Jennifer as well as thanking her and Bryan for their donation to such a wonderful organization for cancer research that is the Cattle Baron’s Ball. Helping to make the world a healthier place in addition to celebrating and participating in the wonderful hunting heritage in Texas was a wonderful combination! Possibly consider participating in the 2016 Cattle Baron’s Ball; you may meet Jennifer and Bryan. If you do, be sure to ask them about their hunt so that they can really “…tell a different hunting story!!”

Good hunting!