Patio Ranch Youth Hunts: The Future of Hunting

Now that is a happy smile! This young lady harvested a great axis management buck on the Patio Ranch over the July 4 holiday weekend and seems to have enjoyed the hunt. She has been hunting with her father and family many times in the past, but this is her first axis deer. She is a wonderful young woman and I can rest well knowing that the future of hunting is in such capable hands.

Taking a youth hunting is very much like planting a pine seedling…with proper care, the chances are great that it will grow and produce fruit. It is a priceless investment in the future of the youth because of the wonderful values inherent in hunting and it will keep the way of life available to us and future generations. For those of you that are able, take a youth hunting…add some sunshine to your life and theirs. Let your youngster “…tell a different hunting story!”