Patio Ranch Return Trip…This Time for a Super Hybrid

Alan’s last trip to the Patio Ranch resulted in his taking the new #1 SCI markhor. During the trip, he saw ibex which displayed potential for becoming super trophies.
Alan decided to come check them out and see if a hunt with his bow would yield another large wild goat trophy. The day was cold, wet and foggy resulting in poor visibility and a lowering of the odds for a successful hunt…perfect January weather! At the end of the day, perseverance paid off with a magnificent hybrid ibex, WHICH MEASURED 53″ X 47″ WITH A 40″ TIP TO TIP SPREAD that will be a source of pride for Alan for the rest of his life and maybe a new #1 SCI record.
It was great to have Alan return to the Patio and harvest such a spectacular trophy. Knowledgeable and determined guides, exceptional animal quality and the beautiful Patio Ranch allow our great guests to“…tell a different hunting story!!”