Patio Ranch Aoudad!

Aoudad, or “Barbary Sheep” as they are sometimes called, denizens of the North African desert, are now difficult to find in their traditional native ranges. These unique animals are not classified as sheep or goats, but possess some traits of both. Their behavior is most suggestive of a sheep, but their physical build is more similar to that of a goat. The rams are characterized mainly by their tan coat, large sweeping horns, long hair hanging from the throat and brisket, and the “chaps” hanging down around the forelegs.
As one of the most successful and widespread exotics on the Texas range today, the aoudad appeals to many individuals not only for their physical traits, but also for the hunting challenge, as aoudad require patience, persistence and a quiet stalker. The aoudad herd on the Patio Ranch is in a section-sized pasture for fair chase and they have learned every hiding place and escape route.
The Stumberg family invites you to come search for the elusive aoudad on the Patio Ranch…the oldest exotic game ranch in Texas! Let us set up an exclusive hunt for you and your family, friends or clients; all hunting packages are customized to the individual needs of each guest and only one hunter or group is on the ranch at a time. “…tell a different hunting story!!”
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