Mouflon of a Lifetime!

Sometimes, a hunter gets the chance at a really special animal that will probably never happen again to that individual. These are special moments in the lives of the hunter and in the history of The Patio Ranch where every hunter and visitor becomes part of the weave of the ranch history. All that happens here on the ranch builds a more extensive and interconnected story for all involved in the ranch to learn and pass on to other generations.
Wayne had such an opportunity in July this summer. A large mouflon had been spotted that was probably the largest pure mouflon ever produced here on the Patio Ranch, a ranch with a reputation for great pure European Mouflon sheep that have their origins in stock acquired from the Busch family in the early 1960’s. Wayne was in the position for this hunt…his timing and blessing to have this opportunity were rare and unique.
It was one of those hot, sultry Texas mid-summer days…one that seems to make everyone and everything want to lie down under the shade of a big oak tree where the south breeze is felt and nap from noon to five to escape the uncomfortable heat. Wayne took the opportunity to use these conditions in his favor to find and hunt this large mouflon. He and Wes took out to an area where the sheep was known to lounge during the day. The oak mottes with ground clutter under and around the trees made the progress slow as every shadow and hiding spot had to be checked before walking forward so as not to alert the wise old ram of the search. The hunter and guide were methodical and cautious to the point of moving too slow it seemed.

But their patience, perseverance and indomitable spirit kept them in the hunt when others may have gone back to get a cool drink and respite from the heat. And that was the key to getting a shot at this ram. It was not easy as the sheep, when found, seemed to sense a presence that they had not seen…but it was not soon enough for the bachelor herd of rams to escape intact. Wayne was able to make a shot that took out the large ram after what seemed like an interminable time waiting for a clear shot.

I hope you will join us in the celebration of this beautiful ram that proved a worthy hunt for Wayne. We also invite you to let us know how we can help you or someone you love to experience a similar once in a lifetime experience here on the Patio Ranch. We hope you will become part of the weave of the historic story of The Patio Ranch as we never tire of the opportunity to share a hunt and to hear a friend “…tell a different hunting story!!”

Please join us in prayers for rain to quench the dry earth!