Markhor and Stumberg Sheep…Two Rare Trophies on a Special Trip!

Friedhelm had visited the Patio Ranch last year for a very large Arabian Oryx and had expressed an interest in two other rare trophy animals available here on the Patio Ranch…a Stumberg Sheep and a Markhor. It worked that one of each of these animals was available early in 2013. A date was set and plans were made for his return trip to Texas.
An admirable hunting preference for Friedhelm is that the animals he pursues be older, mature males; and it happened that both of these available animals were 7-8 years of age and prime trophy animals. Proper respect for the animal in regard to fair chase, good placement of the shot, respectful treatment after the hunt, proper presentation in all pictures and in the celebration of the hunt are all equally important to the hunting story. These factors played an important role in the story that follows.
Darren, Mitchell and Friedhelm started out the day walking the pasture to locate the markhor. Ever an elusive and intelligent quarry, these wild goats native to Afghanistan have not lost their instinctual skills of evading and avoiding pursuers. Starting in the dawn’s early light and continuing into the early afternoon, the markhor was only seen one time and that was as a blur running full speed away from the hunters after they had walked very close upon the hidden animal. It jumped up out of the brush and was gone before Friedhelm could react. The next time he was seen was in a deep draw flitting about in the shadows with no shot to be taken. But Friedhelm has hunter’s instincts and positioned himself where he felt the markhor would attempt to escape the pursuers. His instinct proved correct. The markhor exploded from the brush and started to cross to a safer haven. A short hesitation by the markhor provided the only opening a prepared hunter needed! The markhor was quickly lying still on the ground. The proper respects were given, some pictures taken and time spent to admire this magnificent animal.
The large breeder Stumberg Sheep ram was the next hunt. These sheep like to feed and bed in open areas where they can see any approaching danger. Friedhelm is a very good shot with a rifle and this habit of the sheep proved to be exactly what was needed to help Friedhelm get a shot. The sheep herd was located below a hill top spotted with small live oak trees; these small groups of trees gave great cover to the hunters to get close enough for a decent shot at the sheep that were bedded below them. When all the approach work had been done successfully, the shot rang out. Again, the hunters paid respects for this animal and captured some great pictures to help in remembrance of this hunt.
Friedhelm’s stories are filled with his joy for hunting, the respect and thankfulness for the animals and the fellowship with other individuals of like mind. Please join us in congratulating him on the making of his latest hunting story here on The Patio Ranch. Even with the multitude of great hunting experiences from around the world, each new hunt allows Friedhelm again to “…tell a different hunting story!!”

Best wishes for the renewal of your land with great spring rains and warm sunshine!!