Joey’s Top Ten Barasingha Bull!

Joey is a stalwart bow hunter and he had come to take a Barasingha bull from the managed herd on a ranch that is famous for the consistently high quality Barasingha bulls produced — The Patio Ranch. His quiet self-confidence, awareness of his abilities, knowledge of his weapon and it’s abilities boded well for the success of the hunt. All that remained was the cooperation of the quarry.

Of course, the day was a typical hot July day for the Texas Hill Country. Many of the bulls were in or around the large water tank in the pasture. (Barasingha are happiest, so it seems, when they are lying half submerged in standing water or digging into the muddy banks with their antlers.) The hunting party was able to sit on a hillside above the muddy swimming hole to observe the bulls present. Most were
4 ½ year olds or younger; however, one bull was a 6 ½ or 7 ½ year old bull that was quite impressive: wide spread, heavy frame and great mass. He was lying half submerged in the water. For ease of discussion, this bull was called “Spot” due to a large white dot on his upper right flank. Joey made a mental note of “Spot” and decided to search the rest of the pasture as this bull seemed to be content
in his current location and there were three or four more bulls that we wanted Joey to view before a choice was made.

A number of other seven year old bulls were seen and observed, but Joey still preferred “Spot”. As another hill was crested and the hunting party was able to look down over the lower areas, a number of seven year old bulls already spotted and assessed walked past a small scrub oak motte. This unintentional challenge of the group of bulls to a previously unseen large barasingha behind the scrub oak trees provoked the newly exposed bull to stand and stretch. At first, it was difficult to tell tree from antler; then, the newest bull walked into the open! It took all of a few seconds for Joey to make a decision; forget “Spot”, this is the one! Joey and Jordan walked down the hill using small oak mottes as cover; but the larger bull seemed focused on the challenge from the other bulls. He walked with a stiff
gait and his ears back to display his dominance. Wisely, none of the other bulls responded to this show of barasingha bravado. Meanwhile, Joey was searching for a clear spot to take a shot. If the large bull noticed the hunters, it was not shown. Joey was able to find a clear spot to take a shot where the large bull would walk into Joey’s line of sight. He pulled, waited, and finally released; the arrow was silently
flying on the way. The bull kept walking with barely a sign that he had been hit. A blood spot started to form on the bull’s left side, but he seemed unchanged in his behavior. The large bull followed the other bulls down the hill with Joey closing the distance behind him for another shot. Again, Joey drew, released, and the next arrow was away. This shot finished what the first had started and soon the majestic barasingha fell. As the hunters approached the fallen behemoth, a quiet awe filled the air…this was for sure a once in a lifetime opportunity! The respect, honor and appreciation for the animal was evident in Joey’s eyes.

This superb herd, started by Mr. Louis Stumberg around 1970, has always been special to the Stumberg family because of the history behind the beginning and the evolution into what is probably the premier quality herd of barasingha in the United States. It is important to The Patio Ranch that these animals be treated with special care. Please join The Patio Ranch staff in congratulating Joey on his awesome
barasingha bull and on his honorable treatment of this special animal. The hunt, the superb herd, the family and people involved, and the history together develop into a special total experience that will forever be a rich source of memories for Joey to share and truly “…tell a different hunting story!!”

Blessings on your upcoming hunts!