Generational Hunts…Passing A Hunting Heritage to the Next Generation!

Tristan patiently awaited the opportunity for a good, safe shot as the fallow bucks moved across the hillside below the hunters. Tristan, Daniel (guide) and Melanie & John (grandparents) had been in position since daybreak watching the group graze and slowly move along the hillside; sometimes they would move out of sight and then back into view. All had to be right for a good shot: preferably a broad-side view for best shot placement, no other animals behind the targeted buck to prevent wounding/killing an untargeted bull, no limbs or high grasses in front of the selected buck that might cause the bullet to deflect from the targeted spot, and the bull off the high spot of a hill so an errant shot would not fly dangerously to unintended targets in the distance. Tristan was relaxed and in a comfortable shooting position with the bipod shooting sticks. All was ready…squeeze the trigger! The large white fallow buck ran a short distance, fell and was still. The hunters approached the fallen fallow, provided the “last bite” for the beautiful buck, honored the animal that lay before them and gave thanks for the opportunity to hunt.
The same scenario played-out for the large 4-horn ram that Tristan took the next morning. These habits, traditions and hunting skills do not just happen. They are lovingly passed down from generation to generation of hunters so that this wonderful heritage will be preserved and shared. John and Melanie (Tristan’s grandparents) have shared many hunts with Tristan; their knowledge of hunting skills, love of the land, respect for the animals that they encounter and enjoyment of sharing these gifts from God with others is one of the most valuable possessions they have to share with Tristan. They also know that the wild places and animals will only survive if they have a value to someone: hunting, providing food and a great life experience, and preserving an ecosystem provide a tremendous value to all people.
Please join us in congratulating Tristan on his successful hunt and in congratulating Melanie and John on their success of passing on this most valuable possession: a hunting heritage. We encourage all hunters to become involved in giving this gift of hunting to one new person each year. The joy of sharing a hunt is self-serving in the pleasure gained from the experience; but the long-term benefit of another hunter to pass on this great heritage is priceless. We know that each new hunter that joins us in this great pastime will enrich us in so many ways. Share your gift and then sit back and listen as each new hunter can add a new experience and “…tell a different hunting story!!”
Good hunting!!