Congratulations to Hard-Working Students!

All of us that have completed high school can go back through our memories of the pre-high school years and remember some of the challenges faced in completing a school year…textbook study, papers to write, tests to pass, social skills to master, what to wear and everything else that is involved in a daily school routine. When one is meeting these challenges and showing the determination to attend classes every single day of the school year, a special recognition is in order. The twenty students that visited The Patio Ranch today have met these challenges without missing a school day this whole school year. Their determination to build a great future by taking advantage of the education that is offered to them will hopefully be a great example to their fellow students to follow.
Following a two hour bus trip from Longfellow Middle School in San Antonio, the group arrived to a comfortable spring day on the Patio Ranch. Introductions and greetings were performed followed by a prayer of thanksgiving prior to a wonderful bar-b-que venison burger meal prepared by Teresa and Ray. As the last cookies disappeared, the group gathered to hear the history of the Patio Ranch and to learn about the goals and work carried out by the Stumberg family. The different species of animals on the ranch were reviewed along with the endangered species programs currently running on the ranch and the stewardship goals that drive the ranch daily routines.
Then, the main event was started…a tour of the ranch and viewing some of the animals. The animals cooperated and a number of sika, barasingha, blackbuck, sheep and Cindy Lou (the bottle-raised aoudad) were seen. All too soon, the time for the students’ return to San Antonio was upon us. A souvenir cast antler from an axis or sika was presented to each student as a reminder to them of the Patio Ranch and as a small token to them in recognition of their hard work to build a wonderful future through better education.
We would like to acknowledge the wonderful work performed and important role played by the GAMER program of Motivate Our Students Texas. These programs show that all of us can have a positive influence in the life of any young person…all it takes time and a true desire to leave that young person a little better than when you first met them.
Here is more information if you are interested in this wonderful program that is already having a tremendous positive influence on performance and attendance in the San Antonio area schools:
Motivate Our Students Texas, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded by Dr. Edwin “Eli” Whitney. Its GAMER Program supports inner-city public schools by funding and organizing motivational expeditions and talks with at-risk students and the local institutes of higher learning, business and military communities. Our vision is for every student to stay in school, pursue higher education increasing their productivity in our community and their overall quality of life.
Visit their website, or check them out on YouTube,
May you have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and please remember those that have given so much to protect our great nation!