Blackbuck Antelope…The Rewards of a Long Journey!

Cole had started his trip to The Patio Ranch on Thursday morning about 9:00 a.m. and arrived at the ranch around 1:30 p.m. on Friday… or 28 ½ hours in transit. It was a little longer trip than most commutes as Cole was traveling from Wyoming to Texas in search of axis deer. Cole had long desired to take a really large axis bull and there were some deer on the Patio that would fit that description.
Surprisingly, Cole arrived ready to hunt even after the long driving journey. This time of year is normally not a good time to hunt axis if a large selection of large hard-antlered deer is the goal. But this year, we had spotted and captured on surveillance camera three really large bulls; in addition, there were three more bulls in the final stages of velvet growth that would fit the category of bulls that Cole sought. Ken (guiding for Cole today) had all ready and travelled immediately to test fire the rifle and check for accuracy. With all in order, the search for the axis bulls started. The same story played out for the next full day: stalk for a while, see only deer running away, walk more, find more deer being very elusive. The moon phase and weather were playing against Cole’s dream of a large axis buck.
By Saturday afternoon, Cole had decided to switch target animals to a blackbuck antelope. He and Ken had spotted a few good bucks in the travels around the ranch and a blackbuck antelope trophy was also on his wish list of exotics to hunt in Texas. At least the blackbuck were visible, but they also seemed intent on eluding Cole. Ken and Cole trekked through the pasture many times and became very familiar with the pasture. By late afternoon, the hunters could see a pattern developing in the movement of the blackbuck. The plan finally came together and Cole was able to get a shot at the large male blackbuck. That was all he needed…a small window for a clean shot. The celebration started and the pictures of this great blackbuck show Cole’s joy.
Please join us in celebrating Cole’s perseverance and strong will. His love of nature and experience in hunting were a definite advantage in this success. As we have found in every hunt here on the Patio Ranch, no two hunts or experiences are the same. Each animal leads to a different experience. And for Cole, he too can “…tell a different hunting story!!”
Good hunting and blessings for a wet late winter and spring!