Arabian Oryx Herd In Prime Condition!

The Patio Ranch Arabian Oryx herd is one of the success stories with which the ranch has been blessed. The breeding herd has grown with the birth and survival of 9 calves in the last year. Stronger desirable horn characteristics and good survival vigor have been imparted to the herd this year. The progress toward insuring the survival of this endangered species seems to have taken a good stride forward here on the Patio Ranch.

As with any breeding program on the Patio Ranch, selective breeding is one of the reasons for success. All but the two mature bulls with the most desirable traits are removed from the breeding herd pen each year and released in the large pasture. The presence of these bulls not needed for breeding allows the ranch to financially support the breeding herd by selling the non-essential surplus bulls. Some may be sold or traded to other ranches with similar breeding herds to increase the vigor and maintain a good genetic diversity. Others are offered for hunting to sportsmen.

There are currently four mature bulls in the pasture of which the ranch is offering two for hunting. An exciting fair chase “spot and stalk” type hunt provides a memorable hunting experience as well as provides funding to support this and other endangered species breeding programs on the ranch. The Patio Ranch maintains a legal and current Endangered Species Wildlife permit issued by the US Fish and Wildlife Service that is required to hunt this endangered species; a permit is provided to the hunter to allow interstate and (international if needed) movement of the trophy. The historic Patio Ranch main lodge is available to hunting guests for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of this great Texas Hill Country.

We invite you to be part of the success of this Arabian Oryx breeding herd. Every trophy bull taken on the Patio Ranch has a percentage of the trophy fees donated to Conservation Force (“A Force For Wildlife Conservation”) each year to support a USFWS endorsed program that directly contributes to the “…enhancement of the listed species…” in the middle east through the “Ranching for Restoration” program. (Read more about this tremendous program at )

Contact me at the ranch either by telephone (830-238-4830) or e-mail ( ) and I would be glad to discuss with you the programs on the Patio Ranch. Come visit us to experience the “White Oryx” and have your own experience with the Arabian Oryx so that you too can “…tell a different hunting story!”

Best wishes for a great hunting season!