Aoudad Rams…Amazing Possibilities for 2014 Hunts!!

The aoudad herd here on the Patio Ranch have been lightly hunted for the last few years to develop a group of rams with more age and thusly, the longer horn lengths, more massive bases and long hair on the neck and legs. This increase in the age structure of the rams really became evident this year during a helicopter survey of the section-sized back pasture.
Attached are some pictures from that survey as well as some from the surveillance cameras in the pasture. The pictures are of the actual animals in the pasture currently and available for hunting. The Patio Ranch will sell 3 hunts in 2014 for choice from this wonderfully developed aoudad herd. This is a challenging hunt that will provide a great challenge and even greater rewards in the form of a great Aoudad trophy ram.
We invite you to call for open dates that may fit your calendar. The combination of the setting and the wonderful trophies provide any hunter with a memorable hunt and an opportunity to really “…tell a different hunting story!!”
Best wishes for great winter and spring rains to bless this land with a bountiful spring and summer!