A Letter From a Hunter

Hi Gary,

I want to Thank you very much for another great experience at the Patio Ranch. David Jr had a great time and truly appreciates your help and guidance. It was great to have met Mitchell. He seems to be a great person and very energetic. At his age I remember being the same. Ohhh well we are getting older but wiser, don’t you think…. hahahahaha

We always enjoy going to the Patio Ranch. I believe this is our 4 year and I always look forward to put some meat in the freezer. My family and I enjoy the great tasting Barashinga and Axis. We know that what we kill is natural and great tasting. It is rare when we purchase any meat anymore. We are blessed to have the opportunity to go to the Patio and be with a great Guide and Mentor.

The Patio is a beautiful ranch and we are very fortunate to go and hunt this great ranch. Stay in touch and I will be sending some pictures this week.

Thanks Again and Thank you very much for everything.